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The FRISKVIT story

FRISKVIT, founded over a year ago, is dedicated to supplying top-quality dental care products to dentists in hospitals and clinics.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously offer the finest products tailored to their needs.

Innovation 1

Microtechnology to whiten teeth without damaging tooth enamel

Innovation 2

Biomineralization strengthens the tooth surface and protects against hypersensitivity

Innovation 3

Gum rejuvenation thanks to coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E in toothpaste

Innovation 4

Concave bristle field (spoon shape) of the toothbrushes for teeth cleaning at a professional level

Innovation 5

Very low RDA for minimally abrasive cleaning (RDA 14-40)

Innovation 6

Oxygard® technology whitens teeth while fighting bad breath bacteria

Friskvit For Dental Care

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